Diet Soda or Deadly Soda?

diet soda sugar May 07, 2017


Some folks who want to lose a little weight switch from sugared drinks and sodas to diet sodas. Healthy change, right? Wrong. In this video I discuss some disturbing research on diet sodas and a myriad of health problems including cancer. And...did you know they may be addictive??!!


Hi there!  I’m Dr. Lisa Schwartz and today I wanted to discuss a product that many people turn to when they try to lose weight.  That product is diet soda.  They assume that because it has no calories but can still satisfy their need for a sweet taste, that ultimately they may lose weight by drinking diet sodas.  Unfortunately, just the opposite is true.  And there are other significant health risks that go along with diet soda consumption as well.


First let’s define what we are talking about.  When I say diet soda I am actually including any beverage that is sweetened with a low or no calorie sweetener.  Most commonly this is seen...

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