To get healthy, don’t juice

juicing smoothies Feb 05, 2020

One of the things that a lot of people do when they try to get healthy is that they start drinking juices and smoothies. And this is not just people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Most of the public thinks that juices and smoothies are healthy.  But are they really?


First, let’s talk about juices.  By juices I mean separating the juices of a fruit or vegetable from the fiber (or pulp) in that fruit or vegetable.  This applies to the 100% all natural juices that you can buy at the grocery store and the juices you can make at home with a juicing machine. Or even by just squeezing the juice out of an orange for example (as in fresh squeezed orange juice).  What you have in a glass of juice is a bunch of vitamins and minerals but also a load of sugar.  And that sugar has no pulp or fiber to slow down its absorption once it hits your stomach.  So, you are taking in a sugar bomb that is slightly more nutritious than a soda....

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