Should you go keto to lose some weight?

The ketogenic diet has become very popular for weight loss. With good reason. If you can stick to it, it is an effective way to lose weight. In the last post we covered exactly what the ketogenic diet is and the many metabolic benefits of nutritional ketosis including the impact it can have on several chronic health conditions. To get all of that information, just click here.


Today though, we are going to cover the most common reason people think about going keto and that is to lose a little weight.


Why does keto work for weight loss?


Yes, the ketogenic diet does work for weight loss. There are several reasons for this.


  1. You are paying attention to what you eat.
  2. With fewer carbs you will lose some water weight in the first week or two.
  3. Eating fats and protein leaves you feeling fuller than consuming carbohydrates.
  4. Some people really do need to limit their carbs because their body has become “carbohydrate intolerant.”


The first reason...

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Should You Go Keto? (Ketogenic Diet)

ketogenic diet Nov 12, 2019

The ketogenic diet gets a lot of coverage in the health media. And that coverage is well-deserved. There have been very few dietary interventions that have the impact on blood sugar, insulin, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and weight that the ketogenic diet does. Yet, the “medical establishment” still frowns upon its use largely because it requires that you consume fat. And for at least a generation, we have been misled by the unsubstantiated claims that low-fat diets are the healthy way to eat. First, let’s take a look at exactly what the ketogenic diet is. Then we’ll cover the pros and cons of the ketogenic diet with regard to heart health, diabetes, weight loss, and cancer.


What exactly is the ketogenic diet?


Most of you can probably answer “low-carb” right away.  But the real health benefits come from being on what has been called a “well-formulated ketogenic diet” and not just low-carb. The well-formulated...

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