Is There a Risk to Eating Soy for a Breast Cancer Survivor?

soy Feb 26, 2020

Have you wondered if soy is ok?  I mean it’s one of the forbidden foods for breast cancer survivors especially if you had a hormone receptor positive tumor.  Right?

Wrong!  Yep, surprise…this is one of the persistent pieces of misinformation about nutrition that breast cancer survivors hear.  

I would like to explain to you why this is not true and why you may want to add a little soy to your diet.

So why believe me and not what your oncology team (or your Aunt Sally or your neighbor or the lovely lady who sat in the next chemo chair) told you?  Well, first, because I am going to talk to you about the clinical studies that have been done that show that soy is not harmful to breast cancer survivors.  Then I am going to explain why it might make physiologic sense that soy could be good for you.

And just what makes me the expert?  I am an Integrative Oncologist which means I help breast cancer...

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