Healthy Bites 4/7/21

Here's how you can eat, think, and move this week in order to live your healthiest life.

How to Eat

What’s the scoop on noncaloric artificial or natural sweeteners (also called nonnutritive sweeteners)? Many people realize that they need to steer away from sugar wherever they can and in doing so, substitute these sweeteners instead. The upside is that you get the sweetness without the sugar. The downside is that these sweeteners can raise your blood sugar, cause an insulin release, and continue your brain’s reliance on sweets to stimulate pleasure centers. In short, the powder forms of these sweeteners often contain a hidden sugar called maltodextrin. If you are going to use these sweeteners, go with the liquid forms (which usually don’t contain maltodextrin), but be sure to check ingredient labels for hidden sugars.

How to Think

Want to feel happy in less than 5 minutes? That’s the power of visualization. Set a timer for 5 minutes, sit in a quiet spot, close...

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