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THRIVE Beyond Breast Cancer

Get happy. Get healthy. Get whole.

And never deal with breast cancer again.

Know exactly what you can do to decrease your risk of cancer recurrence:

Nutrition, Exercise, and Relaxation.

From a breast cancer oncologist and expert in integrative medicine.

Join this 8 week program, and each week you will get new videos that walk you through exactly what to eat and healthy practices to start so that you can begin living your best life and decrease your risk of breast cancer recurrence by up to half! You will have unlimited access to the videos to watch as many times as you choose!

Take control. Find out how to THRIVE Beyond Breast Cancer!


 You will get all you need to know about nutrition so you never have to wonder about healthy choices again. And there are some specific things that breast cancer survivors need to know about nutrition. There has been some groundbreaking research in the last few years on nutrition in breast cancer survivors. You need to know this stuff.


We are going to get past any concerns that you might have about starting and maintaining a reasonable exercise program.  Again, we have research in breast cancer survivors that tells us exactly where you need to start to decrease your risk of recurrence by up to 50%. 


Most of you do not yet know that adding just a few moments of a relaxation practice to your day can change your life.

In as little as ten minutes a day, you can make your brain work better, you can sleep better, and you can handle the stresses of everyday life better.

Lisa Schwartz, MD

Helping breast cancer patients recover their wellness through lifestyle changes such as good nutrition, physical activity, and a mindset shift.  

21 Day Money Back Guarantee

What People Are Saying:

“"I have so looked forward to each session . . . There is so much focus on cancer diagnosis and the treatments/surgeries, etc., but for the past 6 months all communication stopped from the "medical team" and your program was such a blessing & provided fresh hope and direction for what to do after to become a breast cancer survivor. I liked that there was women from all over the world and in all different stages of situations, I loved the easy to follow and small defined sessions, I wasn't able to make any of the live feedback Q&A sessions because of my work schedule, but I did play back the live recordings, loved the added handouts & voice recordings for the meditation sessions. Thank you Dr. Lisa Schwartz! I am sad this session is ending and wish there was more sessions to look forward to each week. I can't wait to see where I am at in a year from now with the life changes I have implemented. Gals wishing you all the best and long happy lives surviving after cancer :) Joy"”

Joy P., Wisconsin

“"That's wonderful, thank you so much!!! I can't tell you how helpful it is to hear such *specific* and sound advice. I can tell you really care about all of us, and want to share what you know, to make our lives better. I appreciate it so much. My oncologist has only said, "don't smoke, limit alcohol consumption, maintain a healthy weight, exercise, and eat well." Well, prior to cancer, I never smoked, rarely drank, was a healthy weight and thought I ate pretty well, already! After treatment, I really didn't know what I could do that was different, and yet I wanted to change my body chemistry and to make it a less favorable environment for cancer to grow. Thanks to you, I have learned so much already in the first few videos that I know I can eat SO MUCH better, and it feels so good to be able to do something proactive. So far, your advice on avoiding processed food is a huge tip, and although I tried to buy "healthy" processed food, when I bought them, I realize that none of it is really healthy!!! I look forward to the rest of the videos, and thank you, again." ”

Catherine M., Virginia

“"If you're a little unsure about joining, then my experience was that it was the best thing that I could have done in the end because I was able to get so many of my questions and concerns answered by somebody who really knew what they were talking about.  Dr. Schwartz was able to help from a different perspective whilst being completely informed and knowledgeable about the work that she does."”

Helen B., United Kingdom