Are Nut or Plant Milks Healthier than Dairy Milk?

dairy milk nut milk May 20, 2021

You are doing your best to stay healthy and for many of you that means avoiding cow’s milk. Maybe you have replaced it with a nut or plant milk. Are you really doing yourself any favors?

Let’s take a look first at the objections that people have about drinking dairy milk. 

First, dairy cattle are treated with bovine growth hormone to increase milk production. Some folks are concerned that this hormone will sneak into the cow’s milk that we humans consume. Bovine growth hormone is broken down by enzymes in the GI tract and the peptides that it is broken down to are not biologically active in humans. 

Second, there is a concern that dairy cattle are treated with hormones that can seep into the milk that we humans consume. If dairy cattle are being treated with antibiotics, their milk is discarded and not saved for consumption by humans. In addition, milk is routinely tested for antibiotics and if any are found, that milk is discarded (even by the...

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