Can Breast Thermography Replace Mammograms?

Don’t you just love mammograms? The comfort, the privacy, the instant and clear results? All so much fun right?


Isn’t there a better way?


I often get asked if there are any options other than a mammogram for breast cancer screening or follow-up. One of those options that you may have heard about is breast thermography. In this post I’ll discuss what breast thermography is, how effective it is at picking up breast cancer, and whether or not it can replace the incredibly enjoyable mammogram.


Thermography or thermal imaging is supposed to detect differences in temperature on the surface of the breast at the skin. The idea is that since cancer cells are so metabolically active, dividing rapidly, and may have more blood flow than surrounding tissues, they are generating heat that can be detected on the skin of the breast by one of these devices.


This idea has been around for a long time and makes sense on some level. After all, we have...

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