The Three Pillars of Health

What does it take to be healthy?  It takes some basic information and some basic habits. Yes, it is that simple.

But often the information you find about being healthy is conflicting and confusing.  Especially when it comes to nutrition, or how much exercise to do, or how to lose weight, or how to deal with thoughts that make you anxious…

That’s why I have sorted through all the noise and broken it down into a simple framework that makes the most sense to me.

All of the healthy practices that I teach follow a plan that I developed based on my years of oncology practice and my Integrative Medicine training.  This is the plan that I recommend for my patients and that I use in my own life every day.  So, if you are wondering if I practice what I preach, I do indeed.

This plan is the Three Pillars of Health and it will help you take control of your life now. The changes you will need to make are organized and the process is...

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Exercise and Breast Cancer Recurrence

In the last couple of blog posts we have focused on how important lifestyle changes like following a good diet and maintaining a normal weight can be in reducing your risk of breast cancer recurrence. 


It probably shouldn’t surprise you that doing a little exercise will also decrease your risk of recurrence.  But what may indeed surprise you is how little activity it takes and how big the impact is.


So here is the good news.  First of all, the activity that you choose doesn’t have to involve a gym.  Any sort of purposeful activity like gardening, house cleaning, or washing the car counts as activity.  You need to do something to be active every day.  And when you know that you don’t have to go out and run 5 miles or spend an hour on the elliptical machine in order to make a difference, then being active can seem manageable. 


Research shows that if a breast cancer survivor walks just 30 minutes a day for 6 days...

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