The SAD Diet (Yes, you are probably on it!)

diabetes processed food Feb 23, 2021

How was dinner last night?

Did you slave over a hot stove for hours putting together a masterpiece that a Michelin starred chef would be proud of?

Or, did you get home from work or soccer practice, open the refrigerator and think, “What would be quick and easy?”

It’s okay if it’s the second one. We can’t all be Wolfgang Puck - oh wait, he does frozen pizza and take out, too.

I mean it could be okay if you did something frozen or take out (probably not pizza, even with the veggies), but it just depends. 

We are a world of very busy people. Decades of innovation have made life so much easier, but in some respects, not better - at all.

Yes, I know - running water, indoor toilets, refrigerators with ice makers, vacuum cleaners, a car in every driveway, cable TV, computers in every home, (heck, computers in every pocket)...all good.

But innovations to the food we eat - not so good. I’m talking about processed food. It’s convenient,...

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